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NextFund helps launch and fund new industry-leading ideas and empower them to become businesses that have a world-changing impact that lasts beyond the next generation.
9 out of 10 Startups Fail…

…because the current funding process is broken. The current ecosystem benefits the oligarchy which stifles true and fair innovation that can impact the world. NextFund helps spark innovation with guidance from experts who have done it, which clears a path to success and impact.

Why do startups fail?

Each day, new ideas and products are developed and startups are launched, but over 90 percent of them fail. According to Forbes, some of the top reasons a startup fails are:

No Market Need0%
Run Out of Cash0%
Not The Right Team0%
Pricing/Cost Issues0%
No Business Model0%
No Investor Interest0%
We Value

Industry Experience

We’ve been there. We offer advice and guidance based on our experience and past failures.

Big Ideas

We love being bold. We identify other bold people, ideas and businesses.

Financial Impact

We want to make an impact. We invest in great ideas and give back a percentage of revenue to charity.

Meaningful Relationships

We trust people. We believe a successful business starts with building authentic relationships.

Leadership Development

We believe in true leadership. We develop leaders by equipping them with knowledge and insights.

Our Business Verticals
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